We want to thank Art Shay for being so talented. Because of him, we are able to supply you with the most amazing racquetball photographs ever taken.

Don't forget to send us any racquetball artwork you may have so that we can add it to the museum!

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"Believe it or not, racquetball has been the muse for many artists and their artwork.  Art can be classified as many things:  paintings, drawings, sculptures, and even photographs.  You can also classify art as a skill or talent.  In racquetball you will find all of these things.  It is amazing that someone can watch a racquetball game or take a photograph and inherently turn it into a work of art that still shows the realness of the players and their passion.

Below, is a very unique piece of art.  It is a slide show presentation that features the incredible work of Art Shay.  There are a couple of photos that include Art Shay himself.  Art has been an important part of racquetball since the beginning and is definitely considered a true artist.  Be sure to watch the entire presentation.  The beginning is just a prelude to the incredible action shots that made Art famous.

The racquetball artwork that we have thus far is presented like a ‘real’ museum.  You almost feel like you are walking through an actual art museum.  You will find the art ‘hanging on the wall.’  Click on the picture to bring it to the center.  If you click once, you are able to zoom in and out.  Enjoy!”-Garner Simpson

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